One way to ensure success is by relying on science to drive your decisions and having an expert coach to keep you accountable.

 Everyone knows that exercise and eating right are of equal importance.

What’s been missing for the longest time is a system to teach clients how to do both and fit it into their lifestyle.

Your search stops now!


Our coaching system has almost helped 50,000 clients lose 900,000 pounds of body fat!

The Results speak for them self!


The framework is standard, but the execution is tailored to you. You’ll work with your personal coach to customize the plan to your goals and lifestyle. It’s the coaching aspect of this program that sets it apart from anything you have tried before. Forget fad diets, and failures- with Ease Fitness you will learn life-changing habits that are sustainable and will improve your health and wellness long beyond your yearlong membership with us.

The program has been 15 years in the making and has been put together by physicians, exercise specialists, nutritionists, and counselors. This team is committed to creating a program that can improve lives for the long-term, rather than just a quick fix.




Packing on the muscle has never been easier with one of our customized muscle gain programs.




Love working out at the gym? The Ease Fitness coaching program has you covered.




Building a great physique at home is easy when you have Ease Fitness in your corner.





Our promise to you! If after completing our 12 month program you don't look and feel your in the best shape of your life we will refund you every penny!




Whether your a Vegetarian, Vegan or a Paleo advocate, our highly customizable nutrition plans work for everyone.




You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight, what you need is a program that teaches you life-changing habits that last a lifetime.


Complete nutrition and exercise plans tailored to you and your goals.

Workout plans include:

  • Get Moving - Designed for people who are elderly, de-conditioned, dealing with a lot of physical limitations and/or have very little exercise experience and may struggle with things like getting off the floor without help.
  • Fat Loss - This is an advanced program, best suited for those with a good training background, 4+ days per week for training and no injuries who wants to prioritize fat loss.
  • Muscle Gain - Our advanced program is best suited for those with a good training background, 4+ days per week for training and no injuries who want to prioritize muscle gain.
  • Advanced Body Recomposition - Best for people who are seeking overall improvements in body composition with no injuries, a good training background and 4+ days per week to work out.
  • Intermediate Body Recomposition - Similar to Advanced Body Recomposition, but easier, less complex and shorter workouts with an eye towards at-home training. A good fit for people without significant movement/pain limitations who are motivated to work out but don’t have the athletic background or time for an advanced program like Fat Loss, Advanced Body Recomposition or Muscle Gain.


Every year, millions of women are sucked into fad diets that are a total waste of time-and money- they focus on calorie counting and eating diet food that is overpriced, doesn’t taste good, or offer any real nutritional value. It might be “low fat”, but it isn’t offering you what you need- food is for nourishment and energy, and eating healthily doesn’t mean no enjoyment of mealtime. The only result that these people see is failure and exhaustion. Fad diets are created to sell books and products to people who are looking for a real change. You may see an initial weight loss when you diet, but as soon as you change your eating habits you gain the weight back, and often even more than before. Don’t fall into the trap that diet companies have laid.

If you want real change then you do not need to look beyond Ease Fitness. You don’t need to limit yourself, instead you’ll be working with an expert coach that will ensure the program has been tailored to your goals and lifestyle. When you win, your expert coach wins too, and when you face a setback, they are there to pick you back up and make sure you brush yourself off and come back stronger. Dieting can be lonely, but with Ease Fitness you are buying into a program that has been put together on the back of real research and you have an expert coach standing by for support.

You’ll start off slow, and spend two weeks learning each habit, before moving on to the next one. It is vital to the process that each habit is ingrained in you before learning a new habit. By the end of your year long program you will be practicing 26 habits as though they are second nature. You will continue those habits once your program has ended, because they are now your lifestyle. You’ll learn to eat and live healthily and you won’t ever have to diet again.

Diets are never the answer, they’re just a band aid that covers the real problem. Instead, this program relies on real coaching, by experts who are invested in seeing you do better. You will have guidance available to you on a daily basis, and you will be working with your coach to guide you through the program. If something in your program isn’t working for you, your coach can help you tackle the issue head on- or make changes to the program. You have support to get you through the challenges you will face and help you deal with any difficulties. There’s no need to do it alone, when instead you can choose an accountability partner that comes with years of experience and training.



Ripped men with washboard abs adorn every magazine cover, leading millions of guys to buy huge tubs of protein powder, and try workout programs, diets, and ploys that are completely unsustainable. Rarely do participants see results, instead pouring more money into fads that lead to nothing but disappointment. You don’t have to buy into passing trends to get healthy and fit.

Ease Fitness is offering something different, with 15 years of research and practice the program is driven by health and wellness, incorporating both diet and exercise to ensure you are your best self. Not only can you get in the best shape of your life, but you can also live a good life.

The journey includes a personal expert coach that will be on hand daily for guidance and will help to fuel your enthusiasm for health and fitness. Forget dieting, your total focus is on your overall wellness and assisted by a real coach.

You will learn a new habit every two weeks, giving you time to bed in every single habit before moving on to a new one. This ensures that you understand and have totally embraced each habit before you begin practicing another. Over the course of the year you will learn 26 habits, and while you may feel discouraged at the start as the program starts slow, you’ll soon understand the principle behind it. You’ll be practicing at least 6 different habits after 3 months, and you will fully embrace each as part of the program. A vital aspect of the process is taking the time to bed in each habit.

You can expect to exercise five or six days a week, and you can complete your workout at home or in the gym. The equipment that you’ll need to do these workouts will cost you just 50 dollars. Eating healthily and working out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life- you’ll learn to make smart choices and continue practicing them long after the yearlong program ends.

You’ll log on every day for a new lesson, which will take no longer than 15 minutes. Ease Fitness understands that you are busy, and that’s why the program can work for you. Your coach will work hard to tailor the program to your lifestyle and habits so that the system fits in with your life seamlessly. You can discuss your fitness goals with your expert coach and work towards them over the course of the year.

The answer to your problems is not fad diets, gimmicks, or supplements. You can get fit and change your lifestyle without dealing with the stress and fatigue that is accompanied by most diets. Put the protein powder away, cancel your appointment with the personal trainer and dive head first into Ease Fitness’ nutrition program, we have you covered!


All we ask from you is to take the first step... sign up to the program give us your all for 12 months and if you don't feel you have completely transformed your life the entire program is free!

It's that simple we’ll coach you for the entire 12 months. We promise you’ll get into the best shape of your life or it’s free.

This is our promise to you! Give our coaching system one year and if your don't get in the best shape of your life you'll get back every penny!

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So it's now time you take the next step and join the almost 50,000 others that have completely transformed there life and lost 900,000 pounds and learned lifetime lasting skills, tools, and habits that give results that last a lifetime!



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